A Competency Assessment And Development Company

You name a competency, we will design & measure for you!


  • Test Your Employment Readiness
  • Identify your areas of strengths
  • Work on your area of improvement
  • Get Numerous companies at one place for job opportunities
  • You can use the score or attach Scorecard with your CV
  • Helps in cracking any type of Employability Test.

Educational sector

  • Get the expertise of Competency Building of students by HR professionals
  • Collaborate & utilize our strengths to create synergies
  • Numerous companies for students’ placement
  • Institutes can focus on their core competency areas & leave Student & Faculty development with us
  • Get Numerous companies at one place for job opportunities

Corporate sector

Competencies assessment solution for

  • Pre-employment on-line Test
  • Function & Job Role Specific Tests
  • Assess Technical or Behavioural or Conceptual competencies
  • Organize Survey & Feedback for employees, vendors, customers, channel partners
  • Hire freshers from any of the premium institutes without leaving your office

Assess Competencies

  • Measure Your Organizational Competencies through scientific method
  • Know the “Gap” to improve competencies systematically
  • Assess existing & potential Employees competencies
  • Assess Your Employees Competencies before any transfer or promotion
  • Deploy it as a tool of Training Need Identification

What We Offer

Our Innovative Services makes us Unique

Talent Acquisition Tool

Get the scientific tool to assess the potential candidates ‘ competencies instantly. Even you can assess your existing employees competencies .

Customized Competency Assessment

Call us for assisting you in measuring your organizational competency Score which will help you in enhancing efficiency & organizational productivity.

Surveys & Feedback

Can assist you in assessing your Employees, Vendors, and Customers feedback by deploying scientific tools.

When Hiring, First Test And Then Interview.
Source: HBR, November 2013

Our services

You name a competency, we will design & measure for you!

Corporate Services

Without possession of critical & relevant competencies, companies cannot grow their businesses.

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Student Services

What proof do we need that our colleges & its existing process of education

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build your Career enrich the life

Now you don't need to wait & waste your time in shaping your career. Just call us to help you in assessing your current Competency, identifying areas of improvement, building your competency as required by the corporate sector so that you can fetch your dream job.

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Competency Assessment

The performance pressure on companies today is enormous. Staying at the top or even sustaining the current performance is tough.

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Competency Building

It is a comprehensive competency building program & not merely an assessment tool ...

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Why Choose Us?

Delivering Values with Objectivity. Measurable benefits. Sustainable Execution

Industry/Subject Matter Knowledge and Team

  • Our in-depth of experience provides strong subject matter resources and insights
  • Our team integrates across lines to deliver the full range of solutions to address your needs

Methodical Execution and Delivery

  • We harness leading edge Six Sigma management techniques supported by advance methodology
  • Our integrated solution provides individual project and ending with financial statement impact

Rapid and Efficient Approach

  • We are able to deploy rapid system in place , review and realization phases of the transformation .
  • We work closely with you to deliver values from day one

Drive Sustainability

  • We understand Competencies & its long term benefits
  • Sustainability is the key focus from the outset